Sunday, 31 October 2010

TR 707 Rhythm Composer by Roland

Roland TR-707

"The Rhythm Composer TR-707 is a fully programmable rhythm machine which allows you to program 4 Rhythm Tracks or tunes (altogether 998 bars) from up to 64 kinds of user-created Rhythm Patterns. Each of the 15 digital drum voices is extremely realistic and has a separate output jack for individual mixing, echo or equalizer.
"An optional memory cartridge plugs directly into the Composer for instantaneous loading and saving, expanding the memory by three times. A display window helps your operation to a great extent. MIDI Bus on the rear panel interfaces with other MIDI devices to allow control of several instruments.--------Thomas Soderlund
Flam (Grace-note) and Shuffle can be added for greater variety and realism. --------fromRoland TR-707 Manual

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